We have just been through a revamp of our apparel offerings and order process. Up until now we have taken requests and placed orders on a almost quarterly basis, and then provided the items when available. We would like to maintain a stock of certain items, and in the majority of sizes, so that members can see and try on items of apparel.

We have some items available now – running shirts (new material, soft moisture wicking material feels like cotton), singlets and caps (regular and sweat wicking material). The shirts and singlets come in male and female cuts.

All items are $25.

If you would like to see any of these items, they will be available at most HRC Sunday and Wednesday runs. You can also email to make sure we will have the items with us during any of our runs.

Photos of the items will be posted soon. We intend to expand our range of items, as well as come up with other color options. But for now, we are focusing on the shirts, singlets and caps.



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