All enquiries should be directed to Martin Wileman.



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  1. HI there,

    Would love to start running again…but wondering how many people would be running the 2 mile loop on Sundays? I will need to get back in to shape for sure!


    1. Apologies Leslie, with our October race, its been a while since I have been able to update this site. Also took a while for me to see the real messages amongst all the spam. To answer your question, albeit, a little late, we do have people running anything from 2 miles to much longer distances. Now that the bridge to the Speedway track is open too, we have people sticking to the trails and heading in both directions. Come out any Sunday and check us out.

  2. Trail run this Saturday 2/20/16 at Laurel Bluffs trail at Guess Rd bridge 8:30am? Please confirm.
    I would like to join for part of the run.


  3. I am interested in your running club. I work at Brookshire Nursing Home so I am familiar with Hillsborough, but I live on Hyco Lake.

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